AV Group

The Audio Visual Group is an integral part of the Camera Club and any member is entitled to attend any of the meetings arranged. The Group is composed of members who have a particular interest in producing audio visual sequences formed from digital images with added music, sound effects and voices. The resultant sequences are displayed to other club members and the general public by way of presentations at events and via our YouTube channel.

The sequence you see here is by Alex & Roberta Houston.

and this one by John Patton

Stirling and District Camera Club has always been at the forefront of audio visual presentations and was the first Club in Scotland to go entirely digital. The Group now meets in the Birds and Bees,Lomond Suite,Easter Cornton Road,Causewayhead. Meetings are held on Tuesday evenings, on a four weekly basis, from September ’til April and during the summer period as necessary. New members receive advice, if required, on the programs used to create AudioVisual sequences/construction/editing of soundtracks etc. Any member of the Club is welcome to attend on a regular or occasional basis.

SDCC is a member of the Film and Video Institute (IAC).