Digital Imaging Preparation

Below are some of the many examples of Digital Image preparation videos available on the internet, some are specific to a particular camera club while others are just general guides.

For the Stirling Camera club projector you should use the following settings

Maximum Horizontal width 1400 pixels
Maximum Vertical height 1050 pixels
Mode RGB, 8bits
Srgb colour space profile
Baseline (standard) jpeg
File size of aprox 2Mb or less
File name.. should have the image “Title” and your membership number
Example…… Evening sunset 25.jpg

Durham Photographic Society preparation using Bridge

Ashford Photographic Society PDI preparation video using Lightroom

Our own Eric Begbie’s Step by step resizing using Lightroom

1. In the Library Module, highlight the image you want to export and click the “Export” button.
2. In the File Naming Section, choose “Custom Name” from the drop-down menu and enter the filename that you want. For SDCC competitions this will be your photograph title followed by your membership number, e.g. Golden Sunset 113
3. In the File Settings section (click the triangle to the left of “File Settings” if it isn’t already expanded), choose JPEG as the Format and sRGB as the colour space (which should be the default for JPEG already). Enter 2000 in the Limit File Size box to keep the file below 2MB.
4. Then in the image sizing section, choose Resize to Fit: Width & Height – W: 1400 and H: 1050 pixels. This will resize your photo to fit within a box that’s 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high, which is what you want for the SDCC competitions. This will work whether your photo is in a landscape or portrait orientation. It will resample your photo to retain the same aspect ratio while decreasing the number of pixels overall to fit. Tick the “Don’t Enlarge” box. Ignore the “Resolution” box.

An older video which is quick and precice but does not cover all aspects

General resizing an Image by Karl Taylor, Lightroom, Photoshop and Picasa

Beaumaris & Menai Bridge Camera Club Projected Digital Image (PDI) competitions.

This is a bit long winded but covers some extra options and is Photoshop

Dundee Photographic Society preparation video using Photoshop

Dundee Photographic Society preparation video using Lightroom

Trevor Dayley with his view on jpegs and Lightroom

I have no short comment on his views

Lancaster Photographic Society Photoshop preparation

Uses black borders, my experience was not so good

Another general Lightroom prep.

Another General Photoshop prep

The judge will use a colour corrected computer to view your original untouched images and should be able to open any file sent to him even if not the correct specification.

Our projector, although several years old is a high quality Canon SX 80 mark 11 and for the competitions we use the srgb USB connection which eliminates the need for a computer, however, if the file type is not correct it may not project correctly or at all.

Colour correction the club has a ColorMunki free to borrow.

There are so many photography videos on Utube and other web sites that I will leave it up to you to find some good ones, let the rest of the club know and replace or add to the ones already here.