2019 Calendar Project

  1. No more than 3 entries per member
  2. Must have been taken in Scotland but not necessarily in the Stirling area
  3. Although we would like images that reflect the seasons, please don’t feel you have to be restricted in your submissions. We want the calendar to showcase the talent and imagination of our members.
  4. Preferably in landscape format (but we can use portrait images)
  5. Ensure that you have a high resolution digital image that will print to A4 size (if your image is selected we will contact you for print ready file).
  6. Email your entries to Anne Sproul (calendar2019@sdcc.org.uk) by 30th September 2018
  7. Voting will be via DropBox – link will be emailed, posted on SDCC private Facebook page and SDCC website.
  8. The DropBox will contain the entries and a voting sheet.
  9. Each member can vote for their 12 favourite entries, no need to rank, just 1 point each.
  10. Voting will close at midnight on Sunday 14th October 2018
  11. Votes will be collated and scrutinised by Anne, John Kerr and Stewart McQuillian.
  12. Results announced at next meeting and on Facebook
  13. Calendar production this year will be by John Kerr and Anne Sproul.
  14. Calendar should be available to buy by beginning of November.
  15. Costings will depend on size of print run, so it’s hoped that every member will buy at least one.
  16. To ensure that we cover costs initially the plan is to use profit for club funds, will consider charitable donation in future if highly profitable.